Register for your Embedded project and get FREE Arduino Kit

    A golden reason for learning and completing your final year engineering project in DIGX is here. . You may only need few additional hardware to complete your project whether it is Embedded System, Automation, Robotics or even IoT project.

    What if you really don’t want to do the project in Arduino? Well… that’s really up to you but, let us help you in building some fun hobby ideas to practice before you enter into your actual project. @DIGX, we practice in giving unparalleled support for students to make them capable of completing their project by themselves; make them a better Circuit Designer, PCB designer or Programmer. Why waiting? Grab the the opportunity before it expires.

    NB: There is a good news, this offer end date has been extended to June 30, 2016.

    Offer Details

    Register your batch in DIGX on or before 30/06/2016. The batch size should be 4 at the minimum. Each batch will get a FREE Arduino Kit. This offer is limited to students pursuing their final year BE/B.Tech graduation.

    Arduino Offer Kit Contents

    Sl. No.ItemQty
    1Arduino Uno R3 (Original ITALY make)1
    2LCD (16 x 2 Characters)1
    3USB A to B cable1
    4Mini Breadboard1
    5Tactile Switch2
    7Resistor (330u03a9, 10ku03a9)10
    8Preset (10ku03a9)1
    9Jumper Wire (Male to Male)20


    1Q.Can I avail the offer if Iu2019m alone doing the project?
    A.No. The minimum batch size is limited to 4.
    2Q.Can we do project in any platform other than Arduino and still get this offer?
    A.Yes. You are eligible to get the Arduino Kit even if the project you are planning to implement is based on any other platform.
    3Q. Iu2019m a Computer Engineering student. Can I get this offer?
    A.Yes you can.

    * This FREE Arduino Kit offer is valid for registrations till 30/06/2016 only. This offer is limited to students pursuing their final year BE/B.Tech graduation. Batch pursuing course other than mentioned is not eligible for the Arduino kit (such as Diploma or M.Tech). This Arduino Kit offer is open to all engineering students however, DIGX reserves the right to accept or deny the request for project guidance. For more details please call to 9895577229 or mail to

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