RadioPi – An Internet Streaming Radio station

    The expansion of radio stations through the Internet is not a new thing, but maintaining and operating it can be a challenge which could have great advantages. This project’s highlight is the development of a live audio streaming hardware. The development focuses on multimedia streaming specifically on live audio streaming in Internet radio. It is found out that the biggest issue upon having an online radio station is its high operating cost. It is imperative that a venture towards internet radio requires a scheme that would compensate for the investment of setting up the system.

    The system consists of a microphone, USB Audio Capturing Device and Raspberry Pi connected to a Display Monitor. The USB Audio Capturing Device will collect audio from the connected microphone and send to Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi acts as a Media Streaming Server and broadcasts the audio through internet. An internet radio can tune to this station to receive the live audio stream.

    Block Diagram - RadioPi

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