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    About DIGX

    10+ Years Of Excellence In Electronics Research And Development

    The DIGX engineering ethos provides a hands-on, team-work, and problem-solving oriented education philosophy, equipping our graduates with experience and real skills to last them a working lifetime.

    Are you a Tech-Savvy?

    Electronics is everywhere. If you’re always thinking about how you can improve something – how you can design to make it smaller, better, faster, stronger; you are welcome to DIGX. If you think your skills can be used to help around the household – you’ve always got home appliances, computers and other devices that need fixing! Or you think can make it to work something imagined; we are hearing you!

    Do you feel like saying,

    “I really like using electronics to solve problems; I’m a real problem solver, and have been for as long as I can remember.” ?

    What are some of your highlights so far?

    • Electronics engineers need to be:
      • motivated
      • creative and inquiring
      • patient and persistent
      • good written and oral communicators
      • able to work well as part of a team
      • able to work to deadlines.
    • Do you have the ability to:
      • research, design and supervise production of electronic circuits, components, equipment and computer programs
      • investigate and test new electronics components and equipment
      • present reports and proposals to clients or colleagues
      • modify and service electronic equipment
      • improve skills and knowledge
    • An Electronics engineers must have:
      • knowledge of physics, mechanics, electrical, electronics, mathematics and computers
      • knowledge of new methods and technology in the electronics industry
      • knowledge of software/firmware design and development
      • design skills
      • skill in interpreting drawings
      • willingness for adjusting to working conditions

    Are you ready?

    “You need to be focused and have a problem-solving bent towards every ideas and work related to electronics. You also need to have an orientation with mathematics and physics, and an appreciation for the world of numbers, because there are a lot of numbers attached to the job.”

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