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    Electronics is everywhere. If you’re always thinking about how you can improve something – how you can design to make it smaller, better, faster, stronger; you are welcome to DIGX. If you think your skills can be used to help around the household – you’ve always got home appliances, computers and other devices that need fixing! Or you think can make it to work something imagined; reach out!

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    DIGX at a glance

    DIGX is working hard towards making the students understand the abstruse process of completing a project.

    What stands out

    DIGX being an engineering department from its conception, we benchmark our delivery against criteria drawn up by the Engineering profession and provide accredited education to a highest required and relevant level.

    Career growth

    DIGX is in continuous pursuit of quality enhancements and is an early adopter of technologies and initiatives that benefit our students as well as employees and improve their learning.


    Technology is the Gateway to a bright career

    Engineering is probably the most creative profession of all. The DIGX engineering ethos provides a hands-on, problem-solving and team-work oriented working philosophy, equipping our employees with experience and real skills to last them a working lifetime. We strive to make and deliver best products and service to the Consumer Electronics, Smart Home, Smart Agriculture and Robotics markets.

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    The Environment

    The Workflow

    Research, design and supervise production of electronic projects

    The Investment

    Investigate and test new electronics components and equipment

    The Team Spirit

    From ideas to implementation, work well with a team. Bring all the goodness.

    The Persistence

    Be patient and work persistently means success towards our journey.

    Endless possibilities - use them at your own pace!

    Rapid development.

    With us, you will learn as much in a quarter as in other places in a year - we work in interdisciplinary teams where you can count on a constant flow of knowledge. We invest in your training and certifications.

    No ceiling.

    Do you want to become an expert or a leader? Decide yourself. Do you have an idea to develop the service? You get support to do it. Want to earn even more? Together we find a way.

    Industry exposure.

    We have the strongest communication channels in the industry, where you can build the image of an expert. We are constantly presenting at all important conferences, where we will gladly recommend your speech!

    Extra commitment = extra pay

    You participate in the agency's profits - you get a bonus from the projects carried out, tenders won, trainings and speeches, consultations, marketing plans for our clients. We share profits under the "Profit Sharing" program.

    A team with passion.

    Common breakfasts, birthday celebrations, trips and integration events - at Tigers we attach particular importance to building relationships with each other. We focus on a well-coordinated team that shares the same values.

    operational excellence.

    We are considered one of the best organized organizations. We take care of your work comfort thanks to clear processes - you know what to do and why you do it. We automate every possible process - thanks to which we gain space for even greater involvement in what we like the most.

    What are some of your highlights so far?

    Engineers need to be:

    • self motivated
    • creative and inquiring
    • patient and persistent
    • in sync with new technologies
    • able to work well as part of a team
    • good written and oral communicators

    Engineers must have:

    • good coding practices
    • skill in interpreting drawings
    • creative code development skills
    • perseverance in learning new things
    • willingness for taking new challenges
    • knowledge in physics and mathematics

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    We specialize in several technological fields including Electronics, Robotics, IoT and Technological Farming


    Embedded Design

    IoT Cloud

    Web Developement

    Mobile App


    and many more...


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