Smart Blinds


Smart Blinds

Arduino Based Solar Powered Smart Window Blind System (ABSPSWBS) is an autonomous, self-sustaining window blind system. The ABSPSWBS system will automatically adjust the amount of the light that gets through depending on a user preference while operating solely on solar power. The reason for the construction of the ABSPSWBS system is to minimize the user interaction with blinds, therefore, increasing living comforts. The ABSPSWBS system will incorporate power-saving algorithms to guarantee low power consumption.


The purpose of the Arduino Based Solar Powered Smart Window Blind System (ABSPSWBS) is to provide convenient, automated control of the amount of sunlight that is let through depending on the time of the day and the light intensity. Utilizing solar power to sustain its operation via batteries, the system will also incorporate digital displays of time and temperature. The ABSPSWBS system is the integration of modern electronic control circuitry with ordinary window blind sold in department stores and furniture outlets.



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