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    How to Fix Raspberry Pi Connectivity Issues when Working with School/College/University Networks

    The Troubles of Networks in an Organisation Sometimes it’s hard to find an easy networking method while working with a Single Board Computer (SBC) like Raspberry Pi. If you are working on the Raspberry Pi at home probably things might be little simpler. After all...

    How to determine which Raspbian/Debian version is running on your Raspberry Pi

    Raspberrypi debian version check
    We all know that Raspberry Pi can run several types OS images, not just limited to Linux. But if you are a Raspbian user, sometimes you may wonder what Debian version you've and you want to figure it out for several reasons. Here, we...

    10% Discount on Fee for BTech/BE Engineering Project Guidance

    DIGX is offering 10% fee discount on Project Guidance registrations till August 31, 2016. Grab this opportunity now and get started with your project whether it is Matlab, Embedded System, Automation, Robotics or IoT project.@DIGX, we practice in giving unparalleled support for students to...

    Register for your Embedded project and get FREE Arduino Kit

    Arduino Uno R3 Kit Offer
    A golden reason for learning and completing your final year engineering project in DIGX is here. . You may only need few additional hardware to complete your project whether it is Embedded System, Automation, Robotics or even IoT project. What if you really don't want...

    The new Raspberry Pi Model B+ arrived

    The new devil There's a new sweet devil out for tech savvies, the new Raspberry Pi Model B+. It’s been two years after the Raspberry Pi Model B came out and millions of people had a taste of it. Since then, the community has gone...

    Setting up Remote Desktop in Raspberry Pi – Part 4

    Remote DesktopSSH is often all you need to control your Raspberry Pi, however sometimes it is useful to be able to remote control your Raspberry Pi using the mouse and seeing just what you would see on the screen of the Raspberry Pi. VNC (Virtual...

    Setting up and Automatically Connecting Wi-Fi on Raspberry Pi – Part 3

    It's quite often that we use our RaspberryPi for some mobile applications like a robot or vehicle. Connecting LAN will not be a good solution for getting connected to the internet. The WiFi is the best choice if the distance is few meters from...

    Setting up Raspberry Pi from Matlab – Part 2

    Why Matlab? Take a look at setting up Raspberry Pi from Matlab. In our Part 1 of the this tutorial we have seen the steps involved in preparing the SD card for the RaspberryPi. Sometimes, using the default OS(Raspbian) is a good choice to start or...

    Setting up Raspberry Pi for the first time – Part 1

    Setting up your Raspberry Pi for the first time
    What's a Raspberry Pi?The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that's small enough to fit in your pocket just like your credit card or ID card. For about Rs.3500, you get a bare board computer with HDMI and analog composite video output. You can...

    SPIDA Antenna for Low Power Wireless Communications

    IntroductionThe advancements in communication have changed our lifestyle and allow us to view the world from a completely different view. With the spreading of the internet and the expanding technology of wireless communication, the whole world has been placed within our reach. To allow this type of communication,...

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