Matlab Project Papers – 2013 (IEEE and Others)

    Latest Matlab Project Papers from IEEE and Other organisations. More topics will be added frequently. Please check back later.

    Sl NoTitleCategoryOriginYear
    1Exposing Digital Image Forgeries by Illumination Color ClassificationImage ProcessingIEEE2013
    2Real-Time People Tracking in a Camera NetworkImage ProcessingOther2013
    3Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reserving Room Before EncryptionImage ProcessingIEEE2013
    4Vision-based Hand Gesture Recognition for Human-Computer InteractionImage ProcessingOther2013
    5Improved monaural speech segregation based on computational auditory scene analysisAudio ProcessingOther2013
    6Face detection method based on photoplethysmographyBio-MedicalOther2013
    7Security System Based on Iris RecognitionBio-MedicalOther2013
    8Design of Multiwavelet Filter Bank for 4G wireless communicationsCommunicationsIEEE2013
    9Dynamic Modeling of a Sinusoidal Inverter Based on ZETA Converter Working in DCM for PV ArraysElectricalIEEE2013
    10A Smart Infrared Microcontroller-Based Blind Guidance SystemEmbeddedOther2013
    11Blind Audio Guidance SystemEmbeddedOther2013
    12Asymmetric Control of DC-Link Voltages for Separate MPPTs in Three-Level InvertersPower ElectronicsIEEE2013
    13Power Adaptor Device for Domestic DC Microgrids Based on Commercial MPPT InvertersPower ElectronicsIEEE2013
    14Multi Input Direct DCu2013AC Converter With High-Frequency Link For Clean Power-Generation SystemsPower ElectronicsOther2013
    15Design and Performance of a Bidirectional Isolated Dc-Dc Converter for Renewable Power SystemPower ElectronicsOther2013

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