DIGX is working hard towards making the students understand the abstruse process of completing a project. Project Development has a sharp learning curve and requires Professional acumen, we @DIGX, understand the intricacies and offer our students the complete solution and range of services through our Solution Phases. We teach students the technologies required for project and to be adroit in the field so as to enable them to complete it.

    What standing out

    Quality in teaching

    The very meaning of education is practical experience coupled with basic and extensive knowledge. DIGX is in continuous pursuit of quality enhancements and is an early adopter of technologies and initiatives that benefit students’ education and improve their learning. DIGX being an engineering department from its conception, we benchmark our delivery against criteria drawn up by the Engineering profession and provide accredited education to a highest required and relevant level.

    Continuous Learning

    The DIGX engineering ethos provides a hands-on, team-work, and problem-solving oriented education philosophy, equipping our graduates with experience and real skills to last them a working lifetime. Continuous learning while practicing goes together during studies just as they do in the industry. Engineering is probably the most creative profession of all. In our courses students are challenged to explore their own creative potential with our broad support mechanisms for both academic and career prospects.