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    DIGX offers outstanding training on Live Academic Electronics Projects and focused on Educational Robotics Science using next generation technologies.  Our pool of concepts and abstracts are compiled by professionals in the electronics industry.

    Embedded Systems

    Electrodigx, the embedded division is there to help by providing intern-ship/industrial training for students and fresh engineering graduates.


    We Provide Best-In-Class MATLAB Solutions to Academic Students. We Guide in your Research projects and you can also be a part of our R&D Division.


    The Robodigx gives a platform not only to the people with technical backgrounds, but also warmly welcomes all non-technical persons to pursue their interest in robotics.

    Smart Home

    The next big thing in consumer market is Smart Home Products and implementations in global scale. We are focusing on some new surprises for the Indian homes.

    Let us help you out with your Academic Project

    Design next-generation products to make your life easier, simpler, productive and less expensive. Embedded Technology is a mixture of hardware and software that is preprogramed to accomplish a range of committed functions.

    Our Support is a Breeze !

    The Best Support You Can Get For MATLAB

    You can get MATLAB guidance in a wide range of applications and research, including Robotics, Embedded Designs, Control Design, Signal Processing , Image Processing, Computer Vision, Power Electronics, Communications, Test and Measurement, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Simulation modelling, and Computational Biology.

    • Hardware Support
    • Powerful Live Projects
    • Mastering In Details
    • Intuitive Design Princlples
    • Unique Design Expertise
    • Clean Source Coding
    • Interactive Learning Flow
    • Loads of Resources

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