Embedded Systems

Electrodigx, the embedded division is there to help by providing intern-ship/industrial training for students and fresh engineering graduates.


We Provide Best-In-Class MATLAB Solutions to Academic Students. We Guide in your Research projects and you can also be a part of our R&D Division.


The Robodigx gives a platform not only to the people with technical backgrounds, but also warmly welcomes all non-technical persons to pursue their interest in robotics.

Smart Home

The next big thing in consumer market is Smart Home Products and implementations in global scale. We are focusing on some new surprises for the Indian homes.

Let us help you out with your Academic Project

Design next-generation products to make your life easier, simpler, productive and less expensive. Embedded Technology is a mixture of hardware and software that is preprogramed to accomplish a range of committed functions.

Our Support is a Breeze !

DIGX has designed and developed many intelligent products using PIC microcontrollers. Academic Projects are offered in popular PIC series like PIC16 Series, PIC18 Series, PIC24 Series, PIC32 Series and DsPIC. DIGX also create projects using the Arduino boards like Arduino Uno, Arduino Due, Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Mega 2560 etc.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools. Search for articles to find the basic to advanced news, tutorials, tips and hacks. We constantly work several Academic Projects as well as Consumer Products based on Raspberry Pi – The tiny Magic Wand.

The MATLAB development environment lets you develop algorithms, interactively analyse data, view data files, and manage projects. We Provide Best-In-Class Embedded Solutions from Academic Level to Corporate Level. We Guide you in your Research projects and you can also be a part of our R&D Division. We provide Technical Support services for Corporate Companies. We provide instructor lead technical training and induction programmes for all levels.

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